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Hello world!

DSCN0295Well hello world is right!

I’ve got big plans for this blog, but first let me introduce myself! My name is Tania, I’m in my early thirties and am a happily married gal with hopes of one day becoming a high energy, healthy mom. I’m on a quest to get healthy and am putting aside all the old fads of yesteryear. This is my “Moment Anew”.  This blog will serve as my documentation of several goals:

  • losing weight (I’ve got about 45-50 lbs to lose–I’m 5’9″ and hide it somewhat well)
  • becoming more active with the ultimate goal of being able to incorporate exercise into my life everyday because I enjoy it, not for weight loss
  • eating well consistently with an occasional treat and not feeling guilty about it
  • moving through the emotional issues that arise with both eating and weight loss
  • eating GREAT food! Holla!
  • finding other ways to relieve stress instead of eating–this will be a big one for me as I have a pretty stressful job!

Okay, so yes, it sounds ambitious, but to say that all are not linked would be one big FAT lie.  All items form part of a healthy lifestyle–eating well, keeping active, stress management, etc.  You ignore one, the overall effect lessens. Lately I have been one big ball of STRESS! (More details on this in a later post) but things pretty much came to a head for me and I had a moment while journalling one day where I realized, I HAD to change. I am not living the life I want to live. I want to live each day with a smile on my face and VIGOUR!

So big change lies ahead. And if I fall flat on my face, that’s okay too! I’ll get up and figure it out until it happens!

Of course this blog would not be possible without my daily inspiration. Thank you Jenna, Kath and Angela and ALL the other bloggers out there who make health and well being a priority in their lives.  You are all such role models!




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