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Hope everyone had a great day! I started off my day with a GM:


Just the usual stuff: kale, banana, 1% milk, vanilla yogurt and flaxseeds.

Lunch was a salad with some leftover veggies:

  • mixed greens
  • arugula
  • warmed braised fennel
  • warmed steamed rapini
  • red bell pepper
  • spanish onion
  • 1/2 diced chicken breast
  • balsamic vinegar, 1/2 tsp olive oil, salt and pepper

Fennel and Rapini salad

This was sooo good! Every bite was amazing. I do wish I had chopped up some mushrooms into it though. That would have made it perfect.

I wasn’t very hungry this evening so I just ended up having a serving of Knorr Yellow Soup with 1/2 a high protein, high fibre pita:

Yellow Soup

Not pictured:

  • 1 large coffee with milk (only had 1/2 of it, wasn’t very good)
  • 1 medium coffee with milk (only had 1/2 of it)
  • a Starbucks tall nonfat unsweetened earl grey latte (tasty!)
  • 1 clementine

So today I went to a local mall and did a little shopping! If there is one thing to know about me, it is that I love buying beauty products–the whole experience–trying, smelling, touching, etc. I just love trying different scents and textures–whether it be a perfume, a body lotion or a shower gel. Apart from my make up and skin care, I rarely buy a product twice and always try to switch up my lotions and potions. Today I bought something old and something new:

Caudalie face cleanser

This is my go to face cleanser. I have a lot of issues with dryness, sensitive skin and rosacea and this manages to clean my face without irritation. I really enjoy a lot of their products and up until recently, used their Premiere Vendanges as my face moisturizer.

This was new:

Shower Gel

This just has a warm, scrumptious scent that makes me happy. I took my time smelling all the lovely holiday Philosophy shower gels but this one still appealed to me most. My only concern however, is that my husband may try to take a bite out of me! LOL

I was also in need of some long sleeve T’s so I bought some from Old Navy. 2 for $18 CAN is a steal!

Old Navy long sleeve T's

I had an old black long sleeve T but it was way worn out from washing. While many years ago I might have refused to buy myself clothes in a “non ideal” size and keep wearing the same old stuff as a sort of “punishment”, I eventually tired of the “when I’m thin” mentality and realized that it’s now that counts. I deserve to be treated well–by others and myself. So if I need or want something, I buy it.  I also don’t need to be thin to be happy or love myself. I am happy and love myself regardless of what size I am! 🙂

Have you ever gotten caught up with the  “when I’m thin….” mentality?


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Sunday Yummies

Hi all!

Hope everyone is having a lovely evening! I woke up early this morning, arranged breakfast, lunch and snacks and booted it to work!

GM and chicken salad

Breakfast was a GM made of:

  • 2 huge kale leaves
  • 1 TB flaxseeds
  • 1.25 C 1% milk
  • 1 TB vanilla yogurt
  • 1/2 frozen banana

For lunch I had mixed greens with 1 skinless roasted chicken breast dressed in balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I had half of the squash apple soup along with my salad and 1 clementine. I didn’t end up eating the other 2 clementines or the apple. I did however, have 2 large coffees with milk during my 12 hr shift.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to have for dinner until I saw a lonely bunch of broccoli sitting in my fridge:

Broccoli salad

I nuked the broccoli for a few minutes until tender and put it on top of a bed of mixed greens. I added yellow bell pepper, 1/2 avocado, red onion, tomatoes and 1/2 chicken breast. As always, I tossed it in balsamic vinegar and about 1/2 tsp of olive oil. I enjoyed this with a high protein, high fibre pita (not pictured).

Anyhow, my plans for a workout outside were thwarted by rain this evening. Not to worry, I have plans for a great big workout tomorrow afternoon.


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Butternut Squash Apple Soup

Recipe from Ontario Apple Growers:

Makes 12 small servings or 8 larger servings.

1 TB vegetable oil

2C chopped onions

1 clove minced garlic

1 tsp dried thyme

4C squash, peeled & chopped

3C apples, peeled & chopped

4C chicken or vegetable stock

1/2 C milk or cream

pinch of nutmeg

salt & pepper to taste

Heat oil in saucepan over medium heat. Add onions and cook about 7 minutes or until softened, stirring occasionally. Stir in garlic and thyme and cook for 1 minute. Stir in squash, apples and stock.

Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes or until squash is tender. Puree in small batches in blender or food processor. Return puree to saucepan and add milk/cream and reheat. Season with nutmeg, salt and pepper.

My modifications:

  • I used butternut squash
  • I used 2 tsp of vegetable oil instead of 2 TB
  • I used milk instead of cream
  • I used Granny Smith apples

What I thought overall….

This was delicious and my hubby loved it but I found it a tad too sweet for me.  Next time I would:

  • use an acorn squash
  • use 2C instead of 3C of apples
  • use more onion & garlic

I think that would give it a more balanced flavour so that the sweetness isn’t so dominant.



ps. Working 12 hour days both tomorrow and Sunday so my posts will go up in the evening.

1 tbsp. Vegetable Oil
2 cups Onions, chopped
1 clove Garlic, minced
1 tsp. Thyme, dried
4 cups Squash, peeled & chopped
3 cups Apples, peeled & chopped
4 cups Chicken or Vegetable Stock
1/2 cup Milk or Cream
pinch Nutmeg
Salt & Pepper to taste

Heat oil in large saucepan over medium heat.  Add onions and cook about 7 minutes or until softened, stirring ocassionally.  Stir in garlic and thyme and cook 1 minute. Stir in squash, apples and stock.


Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for about 15 minutes or until squash is tender.  Puree in small batches in blender or food processor.  Return puree to saucepan and add milk (or cream) and reheat.  Season with nutmeg, salt and pepper.

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Tuesday’s Eats

Hi all!

I was at work today but photographed these before heading out today:

Blueberry oats

This was delicious! I had 1/3 C oats with 1/2 C 1% milk. I mixed in 1/3 C wild blueberries and 1 tsp almond hazelnut butter.

Lunch was leftovers:

Chicken rapini

Underneath the rapini (broccoli rabe) I also had grilled asparagus. Snacks included a couple of clementines and baby carrots.


Along with tomato soup for dinner!

Tomato soup

Have a great night!


ps. Stats updated!

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Sunday’s Eats

Hubby and I both started off the day with a Green Monster. I made this with 5 kale leaves, 2 TB flaxseed, 1 banana, 1 clementine, 2.25 C vanilla unsweetened almond milk and 1/2 C vanilla yogurt:


I sipped on this as I watched the latest Top Chef. Things are getting SO good on that show. I’m totally rooting for Kevin to win!

Lunch was some steamed rapini with the other day’s grilled zucchini. I carved up about 3/4 grilled chicken breast.

Rapini, zucchini and chicken

Dinner for tonight will be a Knorr  Rustic Vegetable and Potato Soup with a high fibre, high protein pita. Snacks are a handful of cashews and 2 clementines. I packed this all up after photographing it so that I can enjoy it tonight at work!

Potato soup


I’m off to get ready for work! I’ll try to post later about H1N1. If I’m not able to I’ll post about it tomorrow!

Have an amazing evening everyone!


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I have no time to spare this morning! Eek!

Here are my eats for the day:

BreakfastWith kale, yogurt, skim milk, flaxseed and banana.


Snacks for the day! I may also pack a handful of cashews.





I may add in another yogurt somewhere, we’ll see. Wow, does that make for a totally vegetarian day? Excellent! 🙂

Well have a FANTASTIC day everyone! I’m off to work a 12 hour shift and then attend an advance screening of New Moon. (No, not a Twihard, but I did enjoy the books)

Make it great people!!! 🙂

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