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So this afternoon my friend Susan and I hit the road and went to the quaint little town of Unionville!

Union 1

Union 2

And of course, stopped for this:

Tall NF Latte

A tall non fat latte. Yum!

We continued to walk around the main street and came upon the most amazing sight:

Choco 1

Choco 2

Choco 3

All these goodies, but alas, I was NOT hungry; nor did I have any desire to bring some of these lovely friends home with me.  I just wasn’t craving chocolate the way I usually do?!

So on my way home I went, where I cracked open my Barefoot Contessa cookbook:

Guac 1

The recipe for her Guacamole Salad can be found here.  I cut the olive oil to 2 tsp for my version, eliminated the jalapenos and only added a dash of cayenne pepper as I didn’t want things too spicy.  It says serves 6 but I think 4-6 is a more reasonable estimate.  I took 1/4 of the batch and placed it on a bed of greens as I knew I was going to need more volume than this!

Guac 2

Overall, I liked the salad. Did it taste like guacamole? Not exactly. But I would definitely make this again and I felt very satisfied with my portion.

I’m finding it really strange that I have stopped having my usual cravings for chocolate and sugary foods. My love for chocolate is legendary and is something that I never refuse. Perhaps I’m sick? Perhaps it’s just a part of my change in eating habits??? Any thoughts? Have I lost my mind? 🙂

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