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Dinner Out!

Dinner tonight was at Canyon Creek, a local steakhouse. I was very hungry by the time we got to the restaurant but didn’t bother with the greasy bread basket. I waited for my entree and side:

Sirloin steak + veggies

I ate about 1/3 to 1/2 of the sirloin steak. I ate all of the veggies. My side salad with spring mix, tomatoes, onions and chevre with a raspberry vinaigrette:

Chophouse Salad

I scraped off some of the chevre as I just wanted “a taste” of it, but otherwise ate it all.

Once we stepped out of the restaurant, it was freezing cold and we were in dire need of a hot beverage to warm ourselves!

NF Cappuccino

I ordered a tall, non fat capuccino with cinnamon on top. This really hit the spot!

Off to cuddle with the hubster….night everyone!



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